Representative Matt Gaetz Got Married!

Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz, one of the representatives from the United States of America, got married. He married Ginger Luckey, his girlfriend. The wedding ceremony took place on an island called Catalina in the southern part of the state of California. The ceremony was not that grand. It is to be noted that the politician belonging to the Republican Party, is currently under investigation. The subject of investigation is sex trafficking. The news of the wedding was announced over the social media platform, Twitter. It was done through the official account of Representative Matt Gaetz himself. 

Matt Gaetz And His Wife

The 30-year-old Representative shared a photo of him and his wife as he shared the news of his marriage. The picture revealed him wearing one of the sport coats. Matt Gaetz’s wife was seen wearing a white wedding dress. The newlyweds had previously made the announcement that a wedding would soon take place between the two. As per reports, the wedding ceremony was carried out by Sergio Gor. He is one of the staff members who used to work under Rand Paul, the Senator. And a total of 40 people attended the wedding ceremony. It was previously stated that the wedding would take place in the year 2022. 

Representative Matt Gaetz was in the state of Iowa last Thursday. He was accompanied by fellow Representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene. The two were at one of the rallies continuing their protests. And the subject of the protest happens to be how the 2020 Presidential election was taken away from Donald Trump, the former President. It is to be noted that the claim is based on an unscientific basis. Ginger Lucky is a 26-year-old woman. She hails from the state of South Carolina. She is currently working for a company that focuses on sustainability.