Republicans Fails To Fine & Censure Adam Schiff Over Earlier Comments On President Trump

Adam Schiff

Democrat House of Representative, Adam Schiff had previously commented on former President of the US, Donald Trump’s alleged link with the Russians. Targeting the issue, the House Republicans had filed complaints against Adam Schiff at the House demanding a fine and censorship. However, the House has dismissed the issue against Schiff, which has dissolved the Republican attempt.

Adam Schiff has been one of the leading prosecutors involved in the first trial of the impeachment of President Trump and had been the House Intelligence Committee’s Democratic chairman. He was, however, removed from the intelligence panel as the Republicans gained a majority of the House in 2023. Since his involvement in the first Trump impeachment trial, Schiff has been a target of politics for the Republicans. On Wednesday last week, at the House of Representatives, the Democrats successfully blocked the censure measure of Schiff with the help of over 20 Republican votes. The Republican votes come both as a boon and a surprise as the Democrats revert the measure in a Republican-led House.

Adam Schiff To Be Attempted For Fine And Censorship Again By Republican Representative Luna

As the House rejected the appeal for censoring and fining Adam Schiff. Anna Paulina Luna, Republican Representative of Florida, as she passed Adam Schiff in the House hallway, has reportedly spoken to Schiff stating that she will make another attempt next week. Later in a post on Twitter, Luna alleged Schiff to have lied, misrepresented, and misappropriated classified information during the first Trump impeachment trial. Adam Schiff, after the Republican appeal was rejected, stated taking a jibe that he is flattered that the Republicans consider him so important, however, it is not going to deter him. Schiff has also declared his candidacy for Senate.