Lamar Jackson Says He has Requested Trade From The Ravens

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is not interested to play for the Ravens anymore. The player said on Monday that he has already requested a trade from the team. The player thinks that Baltimore Ravens is not interested in meeting his right value.

Lamar Jackson on Twitter expressed that as of 2nd March, he has already requested a trade from the Ravens as the team is not interested in meeting his value. He said that people who know him knows how much he loves the game. He wants to help a team win a SuperBowl someday. However, Baltimore Ravens probably is not the team.

Jackson however, may not need a trade option to join a new team. A nonexclusive franchise tag will help him keep the negotiations open with the other teams of the NFL. However, it will also give the Ravens a chance to match any agreement that the player makes with any other team.

Lamar Jackson Says He Wants A Trade From The Ravens

However, if the player makes a deal and Ravens decide not to match it, they will get two first-round picks in the draft.

The head coach of the Ravens extensively spoke about Jackson last Monday. He said that he hasn’t seen the tweet posted by Lamar Jackson. He said that the process is still ongoing and he is following the process closely as well. He said that he thinks of the player as the quarterback of his team, and he is planning their offense revolving the player next season.

The Ravens coach apparently is very much hyped about Lamar Jackson. He said that he is a great player who is ready to play as well. Harbaugh, the coach of the Ravens team tried his best to increase the chances of return of the player.