Review of 3060 TI: This $399 Nvidia GeForce RTX Is Remarkable

3060 ti
3060 ti

3060 ti is the brand new Nvidia RTX that is the astounding addition to the company’s new range of RTX 300-series cards of graphics.

The 3060 ti costs $399 and will be on sale from 3rd November as Nvidia had previously promised to deliver enhanced performance than the RTX 2080 as well as 2080 Super.

The new RTX is similar to RTX 3070 as both are enabled for 4K gaming with the correct settings to the system. However, both the cards are better suited to the market of 1440p. This RTX 3060 ti is an amazing option for consumers seeking to move beyond the display of 1080p to an enhanced 1440p without having to pay a whopping $699.

3060 ti Details and Specifications


1: Cool and Quiet

2: Well-suited to 1440p gaming.

3: Game transformation with the help of DLSS


1: The memory of only 8GB

3060 ti is absolutely the same as RTX 3070 in appearance. The shape and size are similar along with the conventional setup of the dual-fan.

The card of this new RtX is very quiet and soundless even at 73℃. It also has a very compact and dense PCB which enables better airflow across the card. Nvidia has implemented the usage of a power connector that has a 12-pin instead of the traditional 6-pin or 8-pin.

Additionally, it has a sole port of HDMI 2.1 as well as 3 DisplayPort of 1.4a.

The processor is an intel 10-core with i9-10900K with 3.7GHz. The cooler of CPU is Corsair H150i Pro with RGB and the motherboard is ideal for gaming with Asus ROG STRIX Z490-E.

So far, 3060 ti has been more than satisfactory for the consumers at this price range.

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