Rihanna Flaunts Her Baby Bump In Style


Rihanna has been a happy lady recently. She announced her pregnancy a few days back. The singer is always known for her sense of fashion. She has always been praised for her impeccable choices of attire.

The female star has now decided to take her fashion game to a whole new level. Women often struggle to carry themselves fashionably while they are pregnant. Even a lot of celebrities are found to be in a spot of bother to blend the baby bump into their fashion.

However, with the singer, things are very much different. The star has been killing her maternity look in the most stylish ways. Rihanna was spotted with Asap Rocky recently on Wednesday.

The duo went out to have a romantic dinner in Santa Monica. The singer sported a stylish 2000 look flaunting her baby bump in style. The singer sported a cropped top that was brown in color. She complimented her top with a pair of blue jeans.

The jeans were low-rise ones that gave ample room for the baby bump to relax. The musician wore snakeskin wrap heels and a lot of gold jewelry. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Rihanna Enjoying Her Pregnancy In Style 

Rihanna has been setting examples of how to look fashionable during pregnancy. She previously wore another piece of fashionable outfit last week.

The singer sported a black lace-up top with low-rise jeans. She paired the outfit with a cropped bomber jacket and stilettos. The star also wore sunglasses and golden body chains from Jacquie Aiche. 

Rihanna has been beaming with excitement ever since she became pregnant. The singer stated that it was one of the most beautiful feelings ever.

The star has reportedly said that she is embracing all the physical changes in her body.