Rihanna Given The Honor Of National Hero


Rihanna is one of the most famous names in today’s world. She is a musician and an entrepreneur. Her original name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. The star was born in Barbados. She is a woman of many talents. Apart from singing, she also takes interest in acting.

Fenty has featured in a number of quality movies recently. She also takes a great liking towards designing fashionable attires. The singer was born in Saint Michael. She has recently been given the status of a National Hero. Barbados has heaped praises on the singer for her actions. They felt that she has shown a lot of respect for her motherland. Her commitment towards her country has been referred to as “unconditional”. 

The joy for Rihanna seemed to have been doubled. Her motherland has just attained the status of an independent republic. If this was not enough, the country decided to hail the star as a National Hero. This announcement was declared officially by Barbados. Lots of best wishes and praises were showered on the singer. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Rihanna: A Shining Star For Barbados 

Mia Mottley is the present Prime Minister of Barbados. Mottley was all praise for the international sensation. She stated that Rihanna was like a shining star. Mia extended her good wishes and hoped for the best. Fenty is one of the most famous residents of Barbados. She is respected very much by her people. The star was vested with the responsibility of being the Brand Ambassador of youth and culture. 

Rihanna’s music has always reflected her parental heritage. She always had a Caribbean flair in all of her hits. A proud Prime Minister announced her as the National Hero of Barbados. The announcement is by far the highest honor received by Rihanna.