Ticket Of Mega Millions Worth $1M Gets Purchased At 7-Eleven Roscoe Village

Mega Millions
Mega Millions

The winning odds of the jackpot of Mega Millions worth $750 million on Friday along with the Mega Ball totals around 1/302 million. Someone was responsible for purchasing a ticket of Mega Millions which is worth around $1 million on Tuesday in the neighborhood of the Roscoe Village of Chicago, inside which there is a store of 7-Eleven.

The person buying this ticket hasn’t been identified yet. Krunal Patel residing at Belmont Avenue and being the store owner will also get a bonus. Patel mentioned that the store called 7-Eleven was launched in August. He added that it was like a warm and good welcome inside the neighborhood along with a major wish of the store coming true. The store owner also has plans of sharing the 1% bonus which he will receive for selling this ticket with the hard working employees.

The Store Owner Is Ecstatic About Selling The Winning Mega Millions Ticket

Patel mentioned that his favorite part regarding the selling of the lottery tickets for Mega Millions in Illinois is that these wins make it easier for someone and gives them a chance for living a much better life along with helping them fulfill their dreams. He always tells his customers that if they win, he also wins. He has plans of using his bonus for selling the ticket of Mega Millions for investing in his customer and his employees.

He added that if the guidelines allow, he will give the majority of his bonus to the employees responsible for selling the winning ticket along with throwing an appreciation party for his customers. During this hard time amidst the devastating effect of the pandemic, the store owner, Patel wants his customers to believe that this store is an integral part of their community. He thanked his customers for supporting the store.