Houston Rockets Superstar Harden Produces An Amazing Performance


Following a forced quarantine of four days with headlines getting dominated with his desire of being traded, Houston Rockets superstar James Harden gave a performance on Saturday night which showed everyone why he is the MVP candidate. It wasn’t enough to make the short-handed team win the opener in this delayed season for the Rockets. The team was without its six players who got affected due to contact racing and coronavirus tests.

Harden’s Influence On Rockets

In the overtime loss of 128-126 against the Portland Blazers Harden scored 17 assists and 44 points during his play of 43 minutes. The only disappointing play from Harden was his 4 turnovers, one of which happened in the last seconds which sealed their defeat. Robert Covington, Blazers forward stole the pass after Jame rushed down that lane while trying to dish it to his teammate. Harden termed his performance as all right. His performance included his shooting 12 out of 22 from the ground and shooting 6 out of 13 from the range of 3-point. He feels that too many turnovers were committed by him. But playing for 40 minutes and in his first game, he thinks that his performance remained pretty solid.

The season opener of the Rockets which was supposed to happen on Wednesday got postponed because the Rockets lacked a minimum of 8 players. The NBA stated that James cannot play the game because he violated the safety protocols and the health of the league by attending this indoor party Monday that led to James getting fined $50,000.Harden who got off his 4-day quarantine is available to play the Blazers on the night of Saturday.McCollum commented on the Rockets superstar as being phenomenally good in basketball. He said that despite what Harden likes to do in his free time, he is exceptionally good at playing basketball.