Ron DeSantis Confident Of Handling Extra Pressure At Ports

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis is the Governor of Florida. He is one of the best politicians of recent America. However, he has been criticized several times for his uncanny mannerisms. DeSantis was highly questioned for his stand against the covid mandates. 

The Florida governor refused to follow any protocols. He did not order the shutdown amidst waves of covid. Neither did he ask the citizens to wear a mask. This resulted in a massive spike in the covid cases in Florida. DeSantis was highly criticized and was held responsible for his irresponsible actions. 

However, Ron remains one of the best politicians in the United States. His impeccable administrative and management prowess has earned him a lot of respect. Ron DeSantis has recently wished to volunteer in solving the crisis regarding the chain of supply. Let us learn more about the incident below. 

Ron DeSantis Ready To Provide Florida Port As Alternative

America has recently experienced a huge backlog of supply chains. A large number of supplies are left stranded at different ports all across the country. DeSantis has expressed his wish to offer the ports in Florida. He stated that ports in Florida have the perfect infrastructure to help the country. Ron said that all the ports shall be working overtime in order to clear the backlogs. 

In a recent press meeting, Ron DeSantis pointed at some of the ports having massive backlogs. Ports in California and Los Angeles have the highest blockage. A large number of ships are waiting in queue to unload their supplies. 

The port in Los Angeles promised to function for twenty-four hours a day. However, it is yet to announce a time for the commencement of the same. This is when Ron DeSantis stated that the ports in Florida can handle the added pressure. He also assured that the ports will work extended hours. This would help in clearing the stranded chain of supplies as fast as possible.