Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor, Looking After Ailing Wife, Not Missing

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Recently, there has been some uproar and talk over Ron DeSantis being missing from the public eye. However, it has been known that his wife is undergoing cancer treatment and Ron DeSantis has been attending to her.  

The public was quite critical of his absence from administration work during this trying time of the COVID upsurge. Nonetheless, one of DeSantis’ spokesperson has cleared the air over his missing status. 

Ron DeSantis’ wife, Casey DeSantis, is 41 years of age and has been diagnosed with breast cancer last October. Since then she has been under intense treatment. The spokesperson of the Florida governor also informed that Casey DeSantis also had an important treatment on Thursday. 

Missing Status Of Ron DeSantis Cleared 

Many of the critics of Ron DeSantis has been criticising him heavily over his absence during this critical time. They were complaining about his lack of concern regarding the increasing COVID cases. 

Jerry Demings, Orange County Democratic mayor, slammed DeSantis during the previous week. He stated that citizens of Florida must protest and show outrage against their missing governor. He further said asked where their governor is in a mocking way. He also asked regarding the last press appearance of DeSantis informing citizens about the coronavirus situation

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also criticized DeSantis on a social media platform and accused him of being “missing”. He posted that DeSantis has been missing for almost two weeks and would want to greet him when she sees him. She also noted that his media team has been posting several old photos for the past couple of weeks. 

Joy Reid, the MSNBC host, also joined in attacking DeSantis tweeting that any governor who is not with the public during the time of crisis is not a governor. He added that DeSantis was last seen enjoying a vacation in Miami and enjoying the sun.