Mary Miller Gets Trump’s Support Over Rodney Davis

Mary Miller
Mary Miller

Former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has been recently seen endorsing Mary Miller, Republican, on Saturday. Mary Miller is now running for the election of attaining a seat in the Republican House. 

Miller has successfully managed to achieve support from Trump during a campaign on Saturday. She is a freshman who is running House Republican for another sitting from Illinois. However, Trump’s support has come as a shock to many since he was advised by the GOP leadership so as to stay away from this primary. Kevin McCarthy, Minority House Leader had advised him against it. 

Mary Miller’s Trump Support Against GOP Advise 

Mary Miller did not have any seats following the redistricting process in the state of Illinois. However, this situation was overturned soon after Trump extended his support to her. After this, Miller made the announcement of running for election in the newly drawn Illinois 15th District. 

Rodney Davis, GOP Rep., had been looking for re-election from this state. 

Miller told the press that Trump had inspired her to run during 2020. She believes that America needs disciplined conservatives in the Congress who prioritises the nation. She further added that Trump’s support has boosted her and strengthened her reason to fight without any fear. 

Mary Miller is a part of the House Freedom Caucus that was in the midst of controversy lately. There was chaos during a Republican conference over spreading wrong information regarding records of vaccine bills and yearly defense policy. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a fellow Rep., was also a controversial figure and shares a good relation with Miller. Greene has also extended support to Miller. 

Trump showed great disregard over his involvement in elections previously as well.

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