Brooklyn Nets Have A lot To Prove In February


The Brooklyn Nets did not end the month of January the way they should. The team did not play any defense. And this is exactly what had happened at the beginning of the month. This fact is not something that does not have any effect on the team. as a team has aspirations of winning the championship, they will have to work on this.

Nets’ Performance From January

January 2020 has not been a regular month for the Brooklyn Nets in any manner. they have faced a plethora of issues altogether at once. They were made to deal with the latest saga of Kyrie Irving and had to undergo the score of 10-7.

Not only that but they also had to deal with the acquisition of James Harden. This took place with the loss of 149-146 to the team, Washington Wizards, which was an inexcusable one. This took place on the night of Sunday in the venue, The District.

The Brooklyn Nets was responsible for blowing the lead of a total of 18 points. This happened at the match on Sunday night. The team also let the total number of staggering points of 48 take place in quarter 4 of the game. Out of those, 37 took place due to Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal’s combination.

The month of February does not come with any fewer challenges for the Brooklyn Nets. What follows is the Los Angeles Clippers at the famous Barclays Center that will be held on Tuesday. Previously, Durant had made the effort of recruiting Serge Ibaka to the team. And it is likely that he would have made a better player if there was Harden on the roster. However, he made his reunion with Kawhi Leonard. This was done, taking money into consideration. Whatever the situation might be, there are limited ways that the nets have in order to bring an improvement on their defense.

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