Stimulus Check Update- Gas Stimulus Payment From Missouri

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Stimulus Check

Although the rise in the price of gas has already disrupted the budgets of many American citizens, there really hasn’t been any form of stimulus check payment so far. Many states, however, have been able to come up with their own form of stimulus payment that would be offering relief to the residents of the state. Missouri, for example, has been allowing drivers to claim a gas tax refund.

Interestingly, thousands of drivers have already applied for the gas stimulus payment coming in from this state. Those who haven’t already applied for the stimulus payment don’t really need to worry- as there is still some time left to apply for this refund. 

Stimulus Check News: The Gas Tax Rebate Program

Back in 2021, the state did increase the state gas tax, which went on to increase the price that the residents had to pay at the pump. So, in order to offer some relief from the increased tax, the government went ahead and came up with the gas tax rebate program of the state. However, the residents of the state of Missouri will only be able to claim the gas stimulus check payment if they have some form of a valid receipt.

It is to be noted that the state increased the gas tax to around $0.195 per gallon in October the previous year, and to a sum of $0.22 per gallon on the 1st of July, 2022. This increase in tax seems to be a part of the plan of the state to increase the gas tax by around $0.025 a year. 

In order to claim the gas stimulus check payment from Missouri, drivers would have to provide all forms of additional details along with saved gas receipts of the gas that they had purchased from the 1st of October, 2021, through the 30th of June, 2022.