Rosalynn Carter Dies At 96: First Lady, White House Trendsetter, And True-Life Partner

Rosalynn Carter

Rosalynn Carter passed away in Plains in Georgia, the birthplace and home of Jimmy Carter, at the age of 96. One of the most politically active first ladies after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife, Eleanor, she projected herself as an active political partner rather than as a political spouse.

Rosalynn Carter propelled Jimmy Carter from a small rural town in Georgia to the top job in the US. Her death was announced by the Carter Center. She was suffering from dementia but continued to live with Jimmy Carter. The center announced last Friday that she was under hospice care at their home.

Jimmy Carter is the longest-surviving former president in the history of the US. He has been under full-time care for some time. He has hung on despite an announcement by the Center earlier this year that full-scale care had been discontinued.

‘She Is An Almost Equal Extension’: Jimmy On Rosalynn Carter

After President Harry Truman’s widow, Bess, who died at the age of 97 in 1982, Rosalynn Carter was the second longest-living presidential wife. The Carters had been together for close to 80 years. They cherished a close bond and a synergy that was notable for its sustained period.

Their life together was a scene even Hollywood could not have concocted. Jimmy Carter’s mother was the nurse who delivered Rosalynn Carter. Jimmy, barely three years then, had poked at her cradle seeing the newest visitor to the block.

It would be eighteen more years before they found one another and became an equal extension of each other. Their similar upbringing in the same town caused them to be similar in their outlook and temperament.

There was a constant drive in the two to improve, an earnest and pious demeanor, and a frugal lifestyle. Another common trait common to both Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter was a steak of stubbornness.