Javier Milei Triumphs In Fiercely Polarized Election

Javier Milei

Freedom Advances candidate Javier Milei won the presidential elections, emphatically dragging Argentina to the far right. The win follows a severely polarized election campaign. The right-wing candidate has promised a rapid shake-up in the setup to tackle rising poverty and soaring inflation.

With almost all the votes counted in the runoff elections, Javier Milei walked away with 55.7% of the votes, followed by Economy Minister Sergio Massa, Milei’s nearest opponent, with 43%, according to the electoral authority of Argentina.

Milei’s win is the broadest margin ever in an Argentine presidential race since democracy was reinstated in 1983. There were wild scenes of jubilation across Argentina as drivers honked and many hit the streets in neighborhoods across the country.

Near Javier Milei’s headquarters in Buenos Aires, it was party time as supporters opened beer bottles, sang, and set off colorful smoke bombs. His supporters waved both the Argentine flag and the Gadsden Flag with the words.

Javier Milei Has Said There Was No Room For Gradualism

Javier Milei has adopted this historic American flag depicting a coiled timber rattlesnake with a yellow background and the words Don’t Tread On Me written across it. The flag symbolizes an act of defense against intimidation and also a forceful warning of vigilance.

The radio and television personality and author has been termed an anarcho-capitalist by his opponents. He has been compared to Donald Trump, the former American president. In his victory address, Javier Milei declared that the rebuilding of the South American nation begins today.

Even as supporters chanted ‘Liberty’ and urged the dethroned political class to leave, Javier Milei said the economic situation was critical and drastic measures were needed. He warned that there was little room left for gradualism and no time for half-measures, indicating that he would prefer abrupt measures to set things right.  

The Peronist party led by Massa has conceded defeat and has said that the nation had chosen a different path. He said that the new president was not responsible for guaranteeing the social, economic, and political functions of Argentina. He hoped that Javier Milei would ensure that it happens.