Russia Once Again Will Be Sending Gas Supplies To The Europe With The Yamal Europe Gas Pipeline


According to  Alexander Novak, Russia’s Deputy PM, who spoke to the Russian state-run news agency TASS on last Sunday, Russia is willing to restore gas deliveries to Europe through the Yamal-Europe pipeline of gas, that were previously halted for political purposes.

Novak in his statement have said that the European market is still relevant for them, and as the persistent gas shortage is not giving any signs of going down, they will resume their gas supplies. He said that they will be resuming their supply using the Yamal-Europe pipelines that were halted due to political reasons.

As per TASS, the deputy PM has declared that the demand of gas from Europe is increasing constantly, and therefore they took the decision to restart the supply again.

The deputy prime minister have said that they now can positively say that there are demands for the Russian supply of gas in Europe. Therefore, the government of Russia considers the European market a fruitful one.

Russia Will Restart Sending Gas To European Countries:

In last May only forty-four hours of reduced gas flow from Ukraine European market has seen a shortage in gas. The Ukrainian government blamed it on Putin’s invasion in the country.

Gazprom halted delivering gas to a wholesaler in Germany as well as the Poland-to-Germany Yamal-Europe gas pipeline. As reported by the official news outlet RIA Novosti, penalties on EuRoPol Gazprom, the parent company of Gazprom, led the business to halt supply.

According to TASS, the West to East gas flow from Ger to Pol was also momentarily stopped in December and “fell to zero.”


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