Savannah Guthrie On Preparing For ‘Jeopardy’

Savannah Guthrie
Savannah Guthrie

Savannah Guthrie, the American broadcast journalist, and attorney did everything she could in order to prepare herself to guest host Jeopardy, the American television show. She claimed this job to be one of the most difficult projects she had ever taken up. She is set to be an upcoming guest host of the show starting from the episode that airs on coming Monday. It has been seven months since Alex Trebek died. He had been the legendary host of the tv show. The Canadian American game show host succumbed to pancreatic cancer. 

Savannah Guthrie On Late Alex Trebek

Savannah Guthrie, in speaking about preparing for the show, stated that she did a lot of homework by watching the work of Alex Trebek. She added that she wanted to be better at hosting the show so the best way to do it was to watch someone who is the absolute best at the job. The new guest host of Jeopardy also gave a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes.

The 49-year-old journalist got to get a taste of the work that late host, Trebek, had been carrying out for 37 seasons that had over 8000 episodes. She also revealed that the late host made the job look easy. On her preparation, Savannah Guthrie revealed that she made tiny little notes and practiced them constantly to get better. She also worked on her pronunciation. The upcoming Melbourn-born guest host spoke a few lines on how she felt about her late predecessor. She stated Alex to be an “icon.”