Shakira Could Be In Prison For More Than 8 Years If Convicted Of Tax Evasion


Shakira will be facing off against the Spanish government on charges of tax evasion, and there could be a lot to pay if she gets convicted.

According to the PR team of the popstar, the megastar rejected a deal to settle her case of tax evasion, in which the public prosecutors have alleged that she defrauded the Spanish government of around $15 million. The 45-year-old singer has complete trust in her innocence and has also chosen to leave the issue in the hands of the law, as stated by PR firm Llorente y Cuenca to the Associated Press. Incidentally, a trial date hasn’t been fixed yet. If she is found guilty of the charges, the singer could be facing prison time. On Friday, the prosecutors stated that they would be seeking an eight-year, two-month prison sentence if she is convicted. 

Shakira Has Been Accused Of Tax Evasion

A representative of Shakira announced that the singer has always cooperated and abided by the law, where she demonstrated her impeccable conduct as a woman and an individual. She has also fulfilled her duties as a taxpayer and has also followed the counsel of PriceWaterhouse Coopers, a reputed and globally recognized tax firm. The rep also stated that the Spanish Tax office, which has the infamy of losing more lawsuits with its taxpayers than it has won, has been continuously violating her rights and has again pursued yet another baseless case. The singer is absolutely confident in that her innocence will be proven without a shred of doubt. 

In 2018, the Spanish government charged Shakira- as they claimed that she had defrauded close to $15 million in income that she had earned between 2012 and 2014. The main focus of the case has been the location of the singer during that period. Although the Spanish Tax Office believes Shakira was in Spain, her representatives believe that Shakira had listed her official residence as the Bahamas during that period. 

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