Scarlett Johansson Responds To Disney’s Misogynistic Action

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson had decided to play her superhero role in reality too- as she slammed Disney for its misogynist actions. John Berlinski, the main lawyer of this Oscar-nominated actress stated that after the movie production company responded to the litigation with a misogynistic attack against the star, they were not trying to camouflage their behavior behind a confidential arbitration. This came after the response of House of Mouse against the actress went public today. 

Scarlett Johansson’s Feud With Disney Has Spilled Over 

The attorney from Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP asked the question that was on everyone’s lips- why was Disney so scared of putting the litigation on this case in public? Needless to say, the entire situation has descended to something reminiscent of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Berlinski added that due to Disney having knowledge of Marvel’s promise to provide Scarlett Johansson’s movie with a theatrical release like the other films in the MCU- in fact, it would be a guarantee against Disney wouldn’t affect the receipts in the box office in order to boost the subscriptions on Disney+.

At this point in time, it is not very clear if the representatives of Bryan Lourd and Scarlett Johansson at CAA would weigh in too, but right now no one is pulling their punches. In what was quite an interesting hour, the production company took the actress to task over financial disputes that resulted over Black Widow. The parent company of Marvel has been demanding that the whole debacle be shifted behind closed doors on the East Coast as soon as possible. 

The motion was filed in a Superior Court LA on Friday where Periwinkle had already agreed to claims that arose out of the claims of Scarlett Johansson would be submitted to binding arbitration in New York.