Olivia Flowers’ Brother Suffered From Lyme Disease Before He Passed Away

Olivia Flowers

Olivia Flowers, the star of Southern Charm, recently shared how her brother, Conner Flowers, had been in a fight against Lyme disease for close to 20 years before he ultimately succumbed to it at the age of 32- and died in January 2023.

The 31-year-old star put up an Instagram post on Tuesday where she spoke about how her brother had been dealing with the disease for all of his adult life. The Bravolebrity also explained that he had tried to keep his struggles with the disease private, but her family was able to see the effects of that debilitating disease on Conner, as he tried to navigate his life through it. Unfortunately, Conner was also misdiagnosed quite a few times over the course of his treatment, which exacerbated his condition.

Olivia Flowers Remembers Her Brother During Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Olivia Flowers further informed that by the team Conner had started receiving the care that he should have gotten years ago, the disease had already damaged his internal organs, with the consequences of earlier misdiagnoses also long-lasting, and devastating. The actress had posted this on her Instagram to honor her brother and all those who were struggling to deal with this insidious disease, during May- which is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Lyme disease is an illness that is caused by the borrelia bacteria, and human beings are quite receptive to it- from a bite of a tick that carries this bacteria. 

Olivia Flowers didn’t outrightly mention if it was Lyme disease that killed her brother, or the botched treatment that he had been receiving previously. Nevertheless, her Instagram post was quite beautiful, where she wrote that being the sister of such a tender-hearted soul was indeed a blessing for her.