SM Entertainment Teams With MGM Television For K-Pop Show

sm entertainment

SM Entertainment has managed to team up with MGM Television for a K-Pop series show in the United States. The series looks to scout young men of America for forming a new group called NCT-Hollywood. The recent business deal for underscoring the K-Pop globalization, MGM Television is looking to partner with the SM Entertainment of Korea for developing a K-pop competition series. 

The series’ primary goal will be to scout raw young American talents for forming a K-Pop community-based in the US. The new group, known as the NCT-Hollywood, if rightly formed, will be one of the latest submissions of the hit “concept” of K-Pop group NCT. It is an expanding collective group comprising members which will be further subdivided into various subunits: NCT Dream (a group of teens only), WayV (a group based in China), and NCT 127 (primarily based in Seoul). 

The number of group members now stands at 23. The search regarding young talents can be applied by males from ages thirteen to twenty-five and the most talented and emerging artists from America. A boot camp training regarding K-Pop will take place inside the campus of SM Entertainment. 

Founder Of SM Entertainment To Mentor The Contestants

The contestants of the show will be taken to Seoul via flight. Inside each episode, the contestants will take part in style tests, vocal and dance tests where they will be mentored and judged by the founder of SM Entertainment, Soo-Man Lee, and various other members of NCT. Lee, founder of SM Entertainment, will be looking forward to making an unconventional show to feature auditions which all the fans of music can enjoy worldwide. He is also hoping that the audience will enjoy the journey and path of new global stars who are present inside Hollywood.

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