Sophia Myles says her father died of coronavirus

Sophia Myles
Sophia Myles

During the coronavirus pandemic, Sophia Myles is mourning her father who passed away after being infected with the virus. Her father was fighting the virus chronically, but it ended up taking his life. His age is not clear though.

Myles tweeted the sad news on her Twitter account on Sunday.

“RIP Peter Myles,” she wrote. “My dear Dad died only a few hours ago. It was the Corona Virus that finally took him.”

Earlier this day, she shared a photo of her father in the hospital breathing into a medical device. And she was wearing a mask and gloves and putting her hand on his head.

“Yesterday I went on a journey to see my father,” the actress wrote in the post. “This is the harsh reality of the coronavirus.”

The actress had posted many videos and photos on Twitter in the past weeks, of updated on his medical condition. She also spoke with CBS about his condition, that she was “fully prepared to watch (her father) die.”

“I can tell that under the surface, they are absolutely freaking out,” Myles said in the interview regarding medical professionals. “I don’t know how our medical system is going to be able to handle the influx of patients.”

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