Irving Of The Brooklyn Nets Will Finally Play This Season

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

There has been a buzz all over on Wednesday when the mandatory rule of New York City that restricted players without vaccination to play was lifted. This new rule that unvaccinated players now can participate in games was positive news for Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets. The rule was removed by an announcement done by Eric Adams which enabled Irving to play finally after he sat for the entire season. 

Irving, Of The Brooklyn Nets, Can Play After Lifting Of The Mandate

In the words of Irving, he was shocked when this news came and said that he kept on pinching himself as many times he raised his hopes but was disappointed. He even added that still he does not want to be very excited as he has a game to play and also he is excited to go play for Brooklyn Nets again.

The rule was set aside and this gave Irving an opportunity to plan for his future and to make strategies with his team members. He admitted that he has signed for this and hoped to play soon which has been granted now and now he is grateful and loved this year as it gave him new hopes. This year was a prototypical year for him and he plans to show everyone what he and his team are capable of. 

Irving got a player option worth $36.5 million for the upcoming season and in case he declines this offer, he can still be a part of the Brooklyn Nets for tens of years now with a $246 million contract. Irving said that he is comfortable playing for the Brooklyn Nets and he is not thinking presently of leaving them. Kevin Durant, the no. 7 player signed the Brooklyn Nets together with Irving. Lastly, he said that though the regulation on mandatory vaccines has been removed, other things are still left to be executed.

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