Steve Bannon Indicted For Contempt Of Congress

steve bannon
steve bannon

The Department of Justice announced recently that Steve Bannon had his indictment returned by a federal grand jury against the adviser of Donald Trump. Merrick Garland, the former Attorney General, came under huge political pressure to indict the adviser since the House went on to refer the ally of Trump to the Department of Justice for contempt on the 21st of October.

In a statement on Friday, Garland noted that since his first day in office, he had promised the employees of the Department of Justice that they would be showing the American people by deed and word that the Department would be adhering to the rule of law- following the law and the facts- along with equal justice under the law. 

Steve Bannon Will Be Indicted By The January 6 Committee

Steve Bannon, who recently turned 67, was recently charged with a single count which came under the refusal to come before a deposition- with another count which was related to his refusal to produce documents. Every single count would be carrying a minimum sentence of 30 days along with a maximum sentence of a single year in jail- as reported by the Department of Justice. 

A prosecutor from the attorney office of the US recently provided evidence to the grand jury on Friday, as CNN went to confirm. Prosecutors in the afternoon on Friday brought about an indictment and an arrest warrant to Judge Robin M. Meriweather- the federal magistrate.

The judge then signed the warrant against Steve Bannon or SB, according to reporters of CNN in the courtroom. A source close to the matter then confirmed SB was the former adviser of Donald Trump. After this, the Department of Justice announced that Bannon had been indicted. 

Most critics are of the opinion that without an indictment, there wouldn’t be much power. The House January 6 select committee would have to compel a lot of cooperation from Trump administration officials and the former White House. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland has reported that there has been irrefutable evidence of Steve Bannon’s violation of a subpoena.  

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