Steve Cohen Spars With Dave Portnoy

steve cohen
steve cohen

Steve Cohen from Met has been sparring with Barstool’s Portnoy. It started with Portnoy’s rage about the drama surrounding Robinhood and GameStop against a hedge funder, Cohen. The billionaire is known for his ownership of the New York Mets as well as being a billionaire. The feud started on the controversial social media app Twitter on Thursday. It was surrounding the Melvin Capital controversy. 

Steve Cohen Point72 Asset Management’s hedge fund has put in over $750 million in Melvin Capital. This was back on Tuesday when Citadel bailed out around $2 billion. It is also run by yet another billionaire, Kenneth Griffin. Steven went ahead on Twitter and fired back at Dave, saying that there was a tough crowd online, and said the stock jockeys should keep on “bringing it.” After Robinhood’s latest trading restrictions, Portnoy further asked by quoting Cohen’s tweet, asking his connection to the madness. 

Steve Cohen’s Twitter Feud

Steve Cohen was fired by Portnoy, who also bashed the app for trading. Portnoy said several things, including calling Cohen for the hedge fund involvement, demanding for “Prison or Bust.” The latter then replied by asking if Portnoy had any “beef” with him, saying that his activities included nothing but just earning “a living” like others. He also asked to take the matter “offline.” 

Portnoy also replied by accusing Cohen of being involved along with the “criminal events” of today. Portnoy also replied that he doesn’t “do offline,’ because that is where all the “shady sh–” takes place. He then further kept accusing Steve Cohen of how he was aware yet bailed Melvin out as he was his “boy” with Citadel. He also further added that he believed that Cohen had a large hand in the “criminal events” on that day. 

The accused simply denied all the accusations on the platform, ending with a “chill out.” 

The feud went on for a while until Portnoy appreciated Steve for “at least speaking.”