Former Smash Mouth Singer Steve Harwell Begins Hospice Care And Is Reportedly Being Looked After By His Fiancée

Steve Harwell

According to the media, Steve Harwell, the former lead singer of the group Smash Mouth, has been receiving hospice care. Longtime Harwell and band manager Robert Hayes revealed to the media, according to a statement made on Sunday, that the musician, 56, has been getting rest at his place and “being taken care of by his hospice care and fiancée.” The representative continues, saying their home is requesting “privacy in this tough time.” According to our sources, which broke the story first, Steve Harwell has been suffering from last-stage liver failure as a result of his lifetime of alcohol consumption. 

Steve Harwell’s Long History Of Addiction Taking A Toll On Him 

Steve Harwell declared his departure from the group in October 2021 after a shaky appearance at a wine and beer festival. A video shows Harwell as he slurs his words, swearing at the spectators, while gesturing like the Nazi salute while performing with the band at TBS in New York went viral. 

His representatives back then revealed in a news statement that the footage had been cut without context for the purpose of misrepresenting the singer following the performance. The frontman of Harwell has been dealing with health concerns related to his diagnosis of cardiomyopathy for the last eight years, according to a statement sent to the media today by his representatives.

Harwell experienced “serious setbacks” as a result of his cardiac condition, including proper Wernicke encephalopathy and heart failure, which had an impact on his memory and speech. According to his representative, Steve Harwell “suffered several symptoms” from his illness during his show in 2021. The news announcement quoted Harwell as saying that he has tried very hard to push through his mental and physical health challenges and to walk up to the stage one last time but he couldn’t.