Busting The Myth, Steven Spielberg Is Afraid 

steven spielberg

There is a myth about legends are never afraid, but every human being of scared of something in them, that too includes Steven Spielberg. He is nothing less than a legend, but while accepting the award, in the speech he expressed his fear regarding his own life. The latest movie The Fabelman based on his life, which he directed himself.

The Unfiltered Steven Spielberg, Behind The Camera

The film is totally based on Steven Spielberg’s life, the ups and downs. And it was not an easy task to follow, anyone could have felt exposed at that point in their life. Presenting their life in front of the camera and giving the world, the audience to make comments and criticize his life. Private life is a happy life, and willfully presenting it to the world, with or without a filter is itself a difficult task.

Steven Spielberg conquered his fear, he took the opportunity and made the world see the real man behind the camera. The Fabelman focused on Steven Spielberg, who has become one of the A-listed Hollywood directors. A story he has been hiding since the beginning of his adulthood.

He had Tony Kushner’s support through and through, he supported Spielberg without holding anything back and gave him the courage and criticism he needed from time to time. His wife was the support system, without them the Fabelman would have been impossible. The pandemic delayed the filming but helped with new ideas to present himself. The successful films he has directed are ET, Close Reference, and others.

The success was not handed over to Steven Speilberg, he has gone through billions of trials before we could call himself a director. He further says while accepting the award that it took 74 years for him to tell the story of his own, and see how people perceive him as Steven Spielberg. And he cannot thank his team and everyone been engaged with this project for bringing so much color to his life and presenting this masterpiece.

The Fabelman won best drama motion picture.