Camila Banus Bids Adieu To Her 13-Year Long Career

camila banus

She has been an actress there for the last thirteen years. Camila Banus played Gabi Hernandez. She quits the show after 13 long years. She was evolving as a person and as an actress. To match the atmosphere her parting was needed perhaps. She didn’t go into the details of the situation that has occurred behind the scenes obviously. Her exiting the show is shocking to the fans. Some celebrity fans anticipate there is more than just a simple change in the show.

Camila Banus Parted Ways With Greatest Show Of All Time

According to her, the greatest show of all time, which started in 1965 aired on NBC, and has been everyone’s part of life. The days of our lives have a social bar for actors and actresses.

Things have been changing in the platform for the last few years and it has been evident. Camila Banus was the victim of many. However, she didn’t mention any of them. She did feel the changes happening around her were indeed a sign from the universe she needed to move on.

April 28th was the last of her in the show. She shot for the upcoming episodes and bid adieu.

Camila Banus did not say anything directly although gave certain hints. She did mention how the production team and her were not on the same page. She was facing some problems and asked them to reschedule her for the shoot. They didn’t pay attention to that at all.

However they are not on bad terms now, everything ended mutually. They didn’t lose respect for each other or disrespect each other.

Camila Banus is now focusing on her personal life. She has given thought to her motherhood. She is thinking of having children.

This might be one of the reasons, why she chose to step away.