$2,000 Stimulus Check Could Be Coming Your Way

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

When the Covid-19 outbreak struck, many Americans without Stimulus Checks were impacted hard by a sudden drop in income.

According to a poll done by the Bipartisan Policy Center, the Funding Our Future group, and Morning Consult, many people would still be struggling financially if the same incident occurred today.

Furthermore, the government’s stopgaps, such as stimulus checks and monthly child tax credit payments, are no longer available to help alleviate financial hardship. Gov. Tom Wolf has asked state lawmakers to accept his idea to pay most Pennsylvanians a check using unclaimed federal COVID funds.

$2,000 Stimulus Check For Families

According to KDKA money editor Jon Delano, the state legislature’s Republican majority appears to be opposed to the concept.

Wolf has stated that he intends to spend $500 million of the $2.2 billion in unspent federal COVID relief funds to provide a one-time state stimulus check to the majority of Pennsylvanians. According to state Sen. Devlin Robinson, a Bridgeville Republican, both former President Trump and Vice President Biden received approval from congress for their federal stimulus checks, but Wolf’s state stimulus plan has received a cold reception in the Republican-controlled Senate in Harrisburg so far. The state still has around $2.4 billion left over from the American Rescue Plan Act, which must be distributed by the end of 2024.

While Mr. Wolf and Democrats want to release the funds, House and Senate Republicans want to keep some of it until the fiscal year 2024-25. Mr. Wolf highlighted one of his initiatives this week, proposing to utilize $500 million of the leftover federal stimulus money to deliver $2,000 checks to families earning $80,000 or less.

Ms. Clayton-Wright stated that the Senate Republicans are aware of the “actual damage inflation is bearing on Pennsylvanian households,” but that lawmakers must stay careful due to the state’s uncertain economy.