Stimulus Check 2022 News: States To Send Payments In June

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

This month, residents of certain U.S. states will get a second stimulus payment.

Although it remains uncertain whether or not a fourth payment will be made by the federal government, state governors and legislators in Maine and New Mexico successfully advocated for their constituents to get stimulus funds.

This month, Mainers who have filed their 2021 state income tax rebates will begin receiving the first of their $850 tax relief cheques. Payments will continue to be made until the conclusion of the year as the state processes further income tax returns.

Maine And New Mexico Will Deliver Stimulus Checks

Individuals who submit their state returns of income by October 31 will be considered for the tax credit. They can not be listed as a dependant on someone else’s return and their AGI (federal adjusted gross income) has to be under $200,000 (single), $250,000 (head of household), or $100,000 (married filing jointly).

The whole amount of the stimulus checks, $729,3 million, is expected to be distributed to 858,000 people.

It is hoped that New Mexico’s tax refunds would be released in June as well.

The $250 for individual taxpayers and $500 for filing jointly that is promised by the stimulus check legislation that the legislature passed earlier this year is welcome news. In August, there will be a second round of payments handed out.

It is not required to apply to get the discounts. Payments will be sent automatically to all New Mexico residents who submitted their tax forms by May 31.

Similar stimulus ideas for the people of Hawaii, California, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania are being considered by legislators but have not yet been signed into law.