Stimulus Check Payment: Which States Will Send Payments Of Up To $1,000 In March?

stimulus check
Stimulus Check

Take a look at the states that are getting Stimulus Checks for up to $1,000 in March.

There are at least five different relief checks and direct payments that will range from $350 to $1,000 coming from people in the month of March. We encourage you to keep on reading in order to see if you qualify for the boost. A total of five different states are beginning to distribute to all those folks who are doing their best in order to combat inflation.

This is a problem that has been persistent and it is currently at a 40-year high, it is making Americans struggle to pay for most of their expenses. These programs were created by many states in order to help their own citizens financially. In fact, there are some of these rebates that already started distribution at the start of 2023. 

Which States Are Getting Stimulus Check Payments In March?

Let’s start with New Lenox, Illinois. They are offering residents a Stimulus Check through the Property Tax Refund Program that is set to roll out in March. Stimulus Checks will average $350 and the Stimulus Checks will be directed at folks who reside in single-family homes, townhomes, apartment units, or condominiums. Maine will offer 5,000 checks of $450 rebates for approximately 880,000 residents people who qualify must have filled out a Maine income tax return as full-term residents.

Idaho offers a minimum $600 Stimulus Check for joining taxpayers who filled out the last income tax return and $300 for single filers. Connecticut will send out $1,000 bonus cash payments to folk who worked in the front liners during the pandemic. South Carolina is sending a rebate worth up to $800 to those who filed taxes before February.

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