Stimulus Check Update 2022: Massive Direct Check Payments Worth Up To 3200 Dollars

stimulus check
stimulus check

In addition to a one-time energy relief payment intended to assist Alaskans with rising energy bills, Alaska will start paying its first batch of yearly oil-wealth dividend stimulus check to households earlier this year.

According to plans revealed by Governor Mike Dunleavy and the Alaska Department of Revenue in July, the state will start sending out direct payments scheduled to arrive in bank accounts by September 20. Each resident who applies will get approximately $3,200. Then, in October, paper checks are expected to be distributed.

The final payment amount was discussed by officials, with the Alaska state Senate first agreeing on a $5,500 settlement. However, in May, the state House rejected that proposal. Negotiations among lawmakers reduced the amount to $3,200 in the end.

The PFD deposit day will be early this year, on September 20, and Dunleavy tweeted that the dividend is anticipated to reach $3,200 per individual. A fair and large dividend that Alaskans have been waiting for seven long years to receive could not have arrived at a better moment.

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Most Alaskans get an annual dividend from the state’s oil wealth fund, with stimulus check payments normally made in the first few weeks of September. This year’s payments will be combined with a one-time energy relief payment to assist households with their high energy bills, which have drastically escalated over the past several months.

According to officials, to establish how many residents are qualified for the benefits, the Department of Revenue is still sorting through more than 78,000 applications.

Stimulus Check will be issued to applicants who chose direct deposit payments beginning September 20 and those who selected paper checks beginning the week of October 3.