Stimulus Check Update- How Much Money Did The Americans Get?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Although Congress issued multiple stimulus check payments to aid the citizens suffering from the pandemic, it was not enough. In fact, the stimulus payments deposited into the citizens’ bank accounts were not really distributed evenly throughout all of the demographic groups. Some citizens received more money than others- due to the size of their families, or due to their income.

A new analysis, conducted by CNBC, does reveal just how different people received additional stimulus payments from the federal government- when Washington was offering stimulus payments to those who were suffering. 

Stimulus Check Payments to be Issued by States

Most of the citizens went on to receive three different stimulus check payments, which also included two that were issued by the administration under Donald Trump and one that was provided by the administration under Joe Biden. If one were to look at the data, they would be able to see an extremely wide variation between the groups- but at every level of income, the typical American did receive thousands of dollars that would help them deal with the pandemic.

Now, with close to thousands of dollars being sent in funds the previous year, it is pretty unlikely that the federal government would be issuing any additional stimulus check payments in 2022. In fact, more money could be coming in from individual states, so those who have been hoping for another payment should be checking in with their local government authorities to determine if they will be receiving any additional payment.