Stimulus Check Update- Governor To Pass Bill

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Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania has been urging the lawmakers of the state to pass legislation that would send most of the households around the state a stimulus check payment of $2,000.

Wolf was also joined by Representative Emily Kinkead from Pittsburgh in the first week of June where they called upon the Republican-led General Assembly of the state to pass that bill that would be using the leftover budget from the American Rescue Act to send payments of $2,000 to citizens who had a household income which was below $80,000 or less. 

Pennsylvania Could Definitely Issue Another Stimulus Check Payment

In a statement, Wolf mentioned that the cost of pretty much everything from groceries to gas had gone a little higher than it was a few weeks back- and for the citizens of the state that were living paycheck to paycheck- it could get quite difficult to survive. This is why he urged the Republican leaders in the General Assembly to take the step towards issuing another stimulus check payment for the citizens- who shouldn’t ideally have to worry about necessities like gas and other utilities. 

Back in February, Wolf had proposed a $1.7 billion spending plan that would spend the $2 billion in federal funds that the state had. Out of this payment, around $500 million would be awarded through direct payments. He mentioned that a direct payment of $2,000 would definitely have the power to transform the lives of several citizens of the state- and they really had to spend the dollars under the American Rescue Plan- or send it back to the federal government. 

As it turns out, the lawmakers in the state haven’t been too willing to fund the proposal for another stimulus check payment- and have been planning to push the money towards bridge work on the I-79.