Trump’s Decision To Move Troops From Germany Slammed As ‘A Gift To Putin’

President Donald Trump has decided to pull around 12,000 US military troops from Germany. The President’s decision of withdrawal was announced by Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Wednesday morning to reporters. However, it seems that the decision is not well received.

There’s an onslaught of disapproval that rang out after the decision was announced. From Republicans to Democrats and former senior military officials, everyone is of the opinion that the move will benefit Russia.

Not only that, the move will also debase the face of US national security and military promptness while also undermining US – Germany relations. The decision may also impact the nation’s relations with NATO and Europe.

The move is counterproductive at the least, mentions former Lt. General Mark Hertling in a tweet. It says that he was “sickened by this decision and explanation. It is not tied to any strategic advantage and in fact is counterproductive to showing strength in Europe.”

The consequences are reportedly to be lasting and in return harmful to American interests. Republican Senator Mitt Romney says it’s “a gift to Russia” and unfortunately a “slap in the face at a friend and ally.”