Stimulus Checks Continue In States And Cities: More Americans Back Universal Basic Income

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Despite the federal government and most states stopping their stimulus checks, some local and state governments continue to support their residents. Even in the second quarter of 2023, states have declared some form of tax rebates or stimulus checks for their residents. 

The amount of the checks has varied by state, and so has the frequency. But they generally range from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand. The amount depends on whether you are an individual filer or filing jointly as a married couple. The number of dependents and your Adjusted Gross Income is also factored in, though the criteria vary across states and cities. 

While it was the pandemic-induced economic downturn in 2020 and 2021, in 2022 and 2023 the payments are linked to the record inflation that has seen prices rise to record levels when compared with pre-pandemic prices. 

The most generous states have been Alaska, New Mexico, California, and Oregon, to name a few. In its earlier round of payments in 2022, New Mexico gave inflation relief payments of $500 for individual filers and double that amount for married couples filing jointly.

California will be offering as much as $600 while New York is giving $300 to its residents. Colorado has also been generous with its $500 stimulus check while Massachusetts is sending out $250 and Vermont $200.

More States Considering Sending Out Stimulus Checks

Oregon is among the most generous with $70 for single filers and $1,500 for married couples filing jointly. New Mexico has been among the more generous as they have sent out multiple stimulus checks to help residents overcome the high prices of goods from gasoline to groceries. 

Residents of the southern state who have successfully filed their income tax return for 2021 can expect a stimulus check as a tax rebate or an account transfer. The rebate amount will be linked to their filing status and will be either $500 for individuals or $1,000 for married couples filing jointly. 

The stimulus checks will be sent out through direct bank transfer to individual or joint filer accounts or through paper checks sent through the US Postal Service. 

The payments started in the third week of June. Individuals who have given their bank details when filing their returns will get their payment quickly within a week of the payments being sent out by the New Mexico administration. For those receiving their stimulus checks through paper checks, the payments could be delayed by two to three weeks before they get the payments in their mail.

Gov. Michelle L. Grisham Of New Mexico Cited High Prices For Stimulus Checks

The Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM) has persistently emphasized the continuing high prices of essential services and goods across the nation. She said that the strong financial position of the state, fuelled by oil revenues, has placed them in a unique position to help the residents of New Mexico. 

Even for filers relocating to other states after filing their income tax returns for 2021, there are multiple options to update their details and the method is convenient. 

The filers who have relocated can either utilize the Taxpayer Access Point self-service portal that has been enabled by the Revenue and taxation department of New Mexico. 

They also have an alternative method by which a change of address form can be submitted directly to the authority. It is important to keep in mind that filers who have not submitted their income tax returns for 2021 have until May 24, 2024, to submit their income tax returns. 

Determining Eligibility For The New Mexico Stimulus Check

You can determine your eligibility for the New Mexico 2023 stimulus check. You have to first check if you have received a federal stimulus check. For those who have not received any federal stimulus check, New Mexico is giving residents a $750 payment. 

The Human Services Dept. of New Mexico has received $5 million, sanctioned by the state legislature that should help out low and moderate-income residents of New Mexico, especially those who did not receive any support earlier from the federal authorities. 

There is an application for receiving the stimulus check in New Mexico. You should fill out an online form available at the websites designated by the New Mexico authorities. 

The filing deadline is yet to be mentioned by the New Mexico authorities in the search results. The federal government changed the eligibility criteria for the stimulus checks with each payment. New age, income limits, tax status, and citizenship factors came into play that affected the eligibility of the claimant and also the size of the stimulus check. 

New Mexico residents must check the eligibility criteria to determine whether they should await a check and how much they should expect. 

Different Payments For Singles And Married Couples

If you have filed your state income tax returns for the 2021 tax year and then relocated to another state, you have two options to update your new address. 

This can either be a convenient update of your address through the self-service portal called the Taxpayer Access Point put up by the Tax and revenue department of New Mexico. Or they can also apply for a change of address through a dedicated form that will be sent directly to the department. 

Getting Notification Of The Stimulus Check Payments

The federal tax agency, the Internal Revenue Service, and federal filers who have received a letter from the agency about the RCC (Recovery Rebate Credit) should refer to the FAQ put up by the IRS on their website. The agency will also send out Letter 6475.

Determining the stimulus check amount is primarily linked to the economic situation and also the need to prop up consumer spending. Stimulus check beneficiaries may face income thresholds that are linked to the tax filing status of families and individuals. 

Among cities, Stockton in California is trying out a fresh round of rebates while Maine is also sending out stimulus checks for residents who qualify for their $450 or $900 stimulus check based on their marital status.