Stimulus Checks Make A Comeback: $350 Payments Linked To Work Requirement

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

A stimulus check proposed by Senator Mitt Romney could offer up to $350 a month per young kid to help parents raise their children. The amount will be $250 a month for every school-going child.

This proposal for a stimulus check under the Family Security Act will firmly establish a national commitment to every American family. The payment of this stimulus check is expected to bring down child poverty by 33%.

Families will receive support under this act from pregnancy through childhood. It will also promote the institution of marriage. It will provide equal treatment for both stay-at-home and working parents.

Existing federal programs that have outlived their relevance will be consolidated and reformed, mainly by paying for the new proposal.

The $350 stimulus check will be for children up to the age of 5 and the $250 check for children aged between 6 and 17, and the maximum the parents of a child can expect is $1,250. Expecting mothers can apply for remunerations under this scheme will begin 4 months before the child is due.

Family Security Act Stimulus Check Identical To The American Rescue Plan

The stimulus check proposed under the Family Security Act is in a way similar to the stimulus check given to citizens under the Rescue Plan proposed by Joe Biden.

Congress has failed to carry on those payments beyond December and attempts as the President failed to get support from lawmakers, some even Democrats.

Mitt Romney has stated that his move would lead to a commitment to families through the modernization and restructuring of irrelevant federal policies.

He said that if the Family Security Act stimulus check was pushed through, families living on low wages would not be forced to pick between being eligible for support and a bigger paycheck.

He said that close to 3 million children would be free from the clutches of poverty. It will also provide a link to middle-class Americans without further increasing the deficit in the federal budget.

The more contentious controversial part of the stimulus check proposal is the requirement of work for prospective recipients. The plan does not contain details of the extra criterion, but a shared threshold for getting the stimulus check could be 80 hours each month, or an equivalent amount of volunteer work or job training.

Romney’s office has revealed that the legislation is yet to be finalized and will be introduced only after negotiations.