Greg Abbott Made An Announcement Regarding Illegal Immigrants

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, announced that the state of Texas will send a huge number of immigrants who do not have proper documents to the U.S. Capitol. This announcement was made on Wednesday as a reaction to the decision of Joe Biden, the President of America, to end the health order of pandemic years. This order has prevented the migrants from getting entry into the U.S. 

Greg Abbott Decided To Send Busloads Of Migrants To Washington DC

This order is called Title 42 and was initiated by Donald Trump, the former President of the U.S. at the time when the pandemic just started. The objective of this order was to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus across the border of America in countries like Canada and Mexico. However, officials of public health found his decision suspicious and connected it with some political motive. 

The administration of Biden made an announcement that this concerned order will end on 23rd May. In the words of Greg Abbott, this decision was taken to help the local officers as their communities are affected by illegal immigrant hoardings. Those immigrants were dropped off by the federal administration and hence the state of Texas will provide buses to transfer them to Washington. 

The state of Texas has collected a total number of 900 buses for this huge task as per Nim Kidd who was with the Governor during this announcement. The migrants who have been released from federal custody were permitted to stay in America with temporary paperwork, however, they have to visit the court of immigration to know their status. 

The majority of the migrants are looking for asylum. An individual migrant who has been given green light from the Department of Homeland Security can get on that bus after showing the documents. Greg Abbott will stand for reelection soon and always have been a critic of Joe Biden’s administration.

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