Stimulus Checks Update: Put These Dates Right Away

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All Americans are experiencing the negative consequences of inflation, and many are becoming even more indebted in turn. A couple of places are still offering stimulus checks in 2023 to help taxpayers get through these hard times.

States Providing Stimulus Checks

Alaska: 31 March

Applications for this Permanent Dividend Fund program providing stimulus checks may be submitted until March 31 by eligible Alaska residents. Which candidates get a piece of the investment profits from mining royalties is decided by the scheme. 

South Carolina: 31 March 

Only if they have filed a 2021 tax rebate post-October 16, 2022, or before February 15, this year, eligible residents who are yet to file their revenue taxes for 2021 can anticipate receiving stimulus checks for approximately $800 in March.

Massachusetts: 15th September

For the tax year 2021, Massachusetts’ 62F Taxpayer Rebate scheme entitles eligible taxpayers to a bit above 13% of the state revenue tax refund. If you are eligible for these stimulus checks and file your revenue returns for 2021 before September 15, you should anticipate receiving your refund around one month after having filed.

New Jersey: 31 May 

There is good news for New Jersey homeowners who moved there after 1st October 2019, and who submitted the property revenue relief application by February 28. Learn about your stimulus checks from the local revenue office. 

New Mexico: 31 May

There are two rebates available to New Mexico residents who are not identified as dependent on anyone else’s 2021 revenue return. First, collective filers, widowers, and family heads receive $1,000 while single or married people who filed separately receive $500. There is another scheme that you can learn more about from your revenue office. 

Maine: 30 June

You might be eligible for a Winter Energy Payment if you live in Maine, submitted your revenue return by October 31, 2022, as well as fulfill the income limits. For more information, contact the State Tax Administrator.