Stimulus Checks Worth $1500 Going Next Month

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In September, four states will provide large relief stimulus check payouts to millions of Americans.

States and communities have passed measures for assistance, including tax breaks, direct payments, and other sorts of stimulus, in the absence of a fourth stimulus check.

By September 30, virtually every taxpayer in Colorado will get a check for $750 or $1,500 for married couples.

Meanwhile, beginning September 12, the Illinois Family Relief Plan will provide taxpayers up to $300 depending on how they file. Minnesota predicted that the Frontline Worker Payments law would qualify about 667,000 eligible workers for $750 bonus stimulus payouts.

Furthermore, Indiana taxpayers are likely to get tax rebates of up to $650 as early as this week. Individual taxpayers will earn $325, while married couples filing jointly would receive $650.

States That Are Offering These Stimulus Checks


Illinoisans will get at least $50 as part of an income tax rebate, according to Governor JB Pritzker.

Joint filers will earn $100, while families with three dependents will receive up to $300.

The funds are part of the Illinois Family Relief package, which was authorized in April, and payments will begin on September 12.


In May, millions of people in Indiana began receiving refund money.

Individual refunds are worth $125 and married couples receive $250.

The $125 payment will be sent to around 4.3 million Hoosiers, representing approximately 85 percent of the state’s adult population.

Direct deposits have begun and will continue throughout the summer, while people who choose paper checks may receive them in August.

Anyone who submitted their 2020 taxes before January 3, 2022, is eligible for the cash.

A new relief package in Indiana

In early August, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb passed a $1 billion tax relief package.

Residents will get $200 stimulus checks as a consequence of the relief package, while married couples who filed jointly would receive $400.

Furthermore, this batch of refunds will include the earlier $125 payment to any Indiana taxpayer who did not receive it.

According to WDRB, checks might be distributed as early as mid-August.