Britney Spears Enjoyed Carrying Weight!

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Britney Spears has always been known to do offbeat things. When the whole world is going crazy on weight loss and being fit, Spears stated otherwise. The fitness industry has impacted the lives of almost all the individual. There is a constant urge in everyone to keep themselves fit and healthy. Recent years have seen the gym membership percentage go up significantly. People from all over the world are trying to get rid of all the annoying fat. However, Britney Spears stated that she enjoyed being fat. 

Britney Spears In A Happy Mood After Win Against Father

It was the end of a long wait for the pop star. The conservatorship issue seems to make her life a tough one. Spears initially got the breakthrough of being able to choose her attorney. Earlier, she was not permitted to choose attorneys. She had to agree to whatever choice her father made for her.

Britney seemed very much happy after she got rid of her father recently. She decided to reflect on her incredible weight loss journey. Spears states that though she was slim and fashionable now, she enjoyed the extra pounds.

Spears posted two contrasting selfies on social media. One of them portrayed a chubbier face of the star while the other portrayed a usual one. She stated that losing fat from the face area was the most difficult thing. According to her statements, she always lost fat from her stomach and legs first. 

Britney Spears discussed her previous body type. She said though she was fatter, she was particularly happy. Spears also mentioned that a healthy woman was considered to symbolize wealth. Hence, they were more desirable according to early practices. Spears was visibly very much happy following her settlement. She seemed to enjoy life more freely.