Stranger Things Dropped Season 4 Teaser; Surprise-Return of Character

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

Stranger Things has recently dropped their teaser for season 4 that is highly anticipated. The return of Hopper, a former character, is not the only surprising return planned to shock the viewers.

Stranger Things had not released any information regarding their forthcoming season. The viewers and fans were completely in the dark about the date of release on Netflix, date of release for their new teaser or trailer. There was also no information about the return of any old characters. As a result, this sudden season 4 teaser comes as a great surprise to everyone.

Big Surprise For Viewers By Stranger Things

The season 4 teaser of Stranger Things has taken the viewers back to the National Library of Hawkins. Dr. Martin Brenner, played by Matthew Modine, was running the library. Brenner, popularly called ‘Papa’ used to kidnap children including young Eleven, played by Millie Brown. Brenner also conducted several strange experiments on the kidnapped children.

The season 4 teaser also showed some of the children playing with one another in a game room till Brenner walks in. He is heard saying that today he has something extremely special planned for the kids. After that, he locks eyes with Eleven who is telepathically snooping. Brenner directly asked Eleven if she is listening to him.

Since the teaser dropped online, the viewers have been questioning this particular scene. Many think that this scene is a sort of flashback and something that happened in the past. Others consider the scene to be a nightmare experienced by Eleven. Some others have questioned if Brenner is still alive or not.

Creators of Stranger Things, Ross Duffer and Matt teased the fans with a new horror that was long buried but connects everything.