Reason Behind Larry Elder’s Sudden Change Of Heart

larry elder

According to Larry Elder, there is a lack of father figures in the White House. He has decided to run for the presidency in 2024. He perhaps decided to support the Republicans in this game. GOP leaders have been lacking a good leader among them. They are struggling to keep everything in line and also competing for good leadership.

He has disclosed the news to fox news host Tucker Carlson.

Among all the influential people in the industry, he has chosen to seek him.

What Motivated Larry Elder To Run For The 2024 Election

Larry Elder is usually the host of conservative radio talk. When further asked why he wants to run for the presidency. He replied with much confidence to secure the border. Perhaps Elder strongly sense democratic party was trying to systemically label the country as racist.

Which he felt needed immediate attention to stop.

He believed the house lacks a father. He might be the only strong candidate who can be a parent at the house. Elder is expected to speak at the Iowa Faith and Freedom coalition this week along with other competitors.

He will be giving his speech alongside former president Donald Trump. Larry Elder was the top Republic opponent in California. He competed against Gavin Newsom.

Larry Elder previously supported Donald Trump and also called Joe Biden’s win fair and square election results.

It is impossible to decipher which side he would be taking next.

Looking back to his history he has been a pretty confusing political game.

Larry Elder has allegations against him. One of them is domestic violence which was placed by his then ex-fiancee.

Nevertheless, he has denied them all.