The Only Boy Alexandra Cooper Loved Before And After 

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Call her daddy podcast owner Alexandra Cooper might be engaged to producer Matt Kaplan. Matt Kaplan is none other than the producer of “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before ” producer. He is young and successful. He has definitely caught my attention of Cooper. They kept their relationship under wraps. Perhaps she believed the “less the better” concept. Copper is a 29 years successful podcaster. Lately, she has been the heartthrob of young people as well. Her podcast recently brought many feminists per se. Like Hailey Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

Alexandra Cooper Soon To Be Mrs.Kaplan

Yes, an insider disclosed the news of Alexandra Cooper and Matt Kaplan are engaged. They would tie the knot. None of them are tattletales. They managed to keep their relationship secret. To everyone’s surprise, they had never even been photographed together before.

Alexandra Cooper’s career took off in 2021. She signed a contract with Spotify for $60 million.

 She was not alone, her partner Sofia Franklyn. She left the show before Alexandra Cooper headed for the big deal.

It was perhaps a life-turning moment for everyone. It was supposedly a barstool podcast that immediately turned to the feminist depot after signing the deal with Spotify.

Many secrets were revealed, and confessions were made here.

Not to mention Hailey Bieber also revealed how she received death threats after marrying Justin Bieber. She didn’t deserve that. However, the world is aware of the oldest beef between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber.

Recently Hailey bullied Selena again. This doesn’t seem to end.

Nevertheless, Alexandra Cooper has given the space and a mic to people who needed to shed light on some delicate matters.

Alexandra Cooper always mentioned her love interest on the show but with a pseudonym.

She has always mentioned Matt Kaplan as the “sexy mister zoom man”, “red Rox”, and “slim shady”.

It was the fans who perhaps discovered the truth of Matt Kaplan being Mr. Zoom.

Both of them have bought a house together in Los Angeles. The estate is worth $10.7 million. 

The recent news also discloses how Matt Kaplan sold his previous mansion. However, Alexandra Cooper still lives in her studio rental.