Sue Bird Carries The American Flag And Leads Team USA In Tokyo

Sue Bird
Sue Bird

Eddie Alvarez and Sue Bird were the flag-bearers for Team USA in Tokyo, during the inauguration of the Olympic Games

Sue Bird who represents the Women’s Basketball Team and Eddie, who plays for the Baseball team, carried the national flag in the parade. America walked at 203rd in the sequence, marching as per the Japanese alphabet. The United States and France were the last ones to march. Japan, as usual, was the host and the last one to march. 

The Olympians were marching to songs ranging from Sonic to Final Fantasy. 

Most countries chose to stay in and watch the rest of the parade while Team USA opted to leave the stadium as soon as possible due to COVID-19 issues.

Sue Bird’s Reaction To The Event

Eddie Alvarez thanked Sue Bird for her presence as he was freaking out due to the emotions and pressure. He felt emotional as he could feel the energy of his team right then. Sue Bird spoke to the media that the energy for the place was incredible as her country was in a tight situation and they all felt united under their National Flag. Megan Rapinoe, who is Bird’s fiancee, could not attend the ceremony but she was proud and happy for her. Rapinoe told the media that she saw the video of the Event when Taurasi informed her about it.

Ralph Lauren was the one to design the uniforms for Team USA- Navy Blazers and National colored scarves. Lauren intends to celebrate the spirits and traditions of the nation while considering modern fashion and innovating various designs for developing uniforms.

A total of 6,000 athletes were participating in the opening of the event. The event was closed to the audience but allowed 3,500 people from the media and 900 other guests from various countries.