Rick Dennison Reluctant Towards Vaccination, Loses Job

Rick Dennison
Rick Dennison

Rick Dennison has refused to take the vaccine. The world is plagued by a deadly pandemic. Scientists and doctors are working tirelessly. The importance of vaccination is highly doing the rounds everywhere. However, despite all the advice, some people are still not convinced about vaccination. Dennison’s reluctance towards getting jabbed has cost him dearly. He has discontinued his job as an assistant of Minnesota.

Rick Dennison Discontinues Job, Unwilling To Get Vaccination

Dennison has decided to discontinue his job as the assistant for Minnesota Vikings. He did not want to take the covid vaccine. His reluctance towards the vaccine seems to have played a catalyst in this decision. 

NFL released new terms and conditions for all its staff and players. It stated that the top-tier staffs have to mandatorily take the vaccine. It included all the coaches, support staff, executives of the office, scouts, and managers. The players, however, did not require to take the vaccine. They have to abide by a strict set of rules and protocols.  The players can take their time and get jabbed one by one. 

Dennison was the assistant coach for the Vikings. He held the position for the previous two years. According to statements issued by the Vikings, they are still trying to negotiate with Rick. The guidelines laid by the NFL ask any unvaccinated person to come up with a suitable explanation. The explanation should be either medical or religious. It is after this announcement, the Vikings took note of the fact that Dennison did not have vaccine proof.  

Rick Dennison was replaced by Phil Rauscher. Ben Steele was roped in by the Vikings to fill Rauscher’s post. Dennison was an accomplished worker for the team. His experience promised to provide the required ammunition for the Vikings to excel.