Summit For Democracy- Biden Considers Democracies To Be Strengthening

Summit for Democracy

President Joe Biden, in his recent speech at the second Summit for Democracy on Wednesday, stated that the administration under him had an enduring commitment to boost democracy around the world. He also stated that he was looking out to assure the participants of this event that democratic institutions would definitely work in these places. The multi-day summit for this year is being co-hosted by Joe Biden, as well as the leaders of the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Zambia, and South Korea. The President of the United States of America headed a virtual summit event in Washington that was forced on utilizing democracy to solve global challenges. 

Joe Biden Gives A Motivating Speech At Summit For Democracy

Biden further commented that he hoped that people who were participating in this event would realize that the institutions of democracy were actually working. When the leaders had gathered for the first Summit for Democracy event in December 2021, the main sentiment was that the best days of democracy were in the past- and the political ideology had been declining over the last 15 years. But in 2023, there was a lot more to deconstruct from democracy. The role of the summit, according to the President, was to keep progressing- so that the countries didn’t start moving in a negative direction. 

While Joe Biden did agree that maintaining democracy was quite a tough job, it must be done for the betterment of everyone. Among the many steps that the President announced at the Summit for Democracy event on Wednesday was a coalition of international partners who would be joining the United States of America in the use of commercial spyware. This announcement came a few days after the president had put forward an executive order that banned the government agencies in the country from using spyware that would be a threat to national security.