Stimulus Checks: Should Americans Look Forward To More?

recession Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Stimulus checks were issued when the world was shutting down, people were dying and the economy was crashing.Covid-19 has spread at an alarming speed. The whole world froze. Stimulus checks blessed people when the world experienced the most massive economic shock in decades.

Election May Decide The Future Of Stimulus Checks

The upcoming election is going to decide the future of stimulus checks, and all of the parties are primarily concerned about sending out these payments. Not only that but country is also facing inflation currently. During the pandemic, Americans received three rounds of stimulus checks ending in march 2021. And now they are wanting more, cause it is getting harder for some to meet ends with rising gas prices and groceries. If somehow the government manages to put an end to the monthly stimulus checks there could be consequences.

People will be homeless and so many already lost their jobs during this crucial time. Stimulus payments were made by direct deposit to individuals’ bank accounts or debit cards via mail. This inflation records the highest level in 40 years. They are sending the stimulus checks but as an inflation relief fund. Recent poll results show that 63% of voters are supporting the idea of further stimulus payments, whereas 42% of voters sided with strongly agreeing only.

As the election is near, the democrats have a minority, and some of their members aren’t even supporting the relief checks. Some states have taken the matter into their own hands and started distributing relief funds. Inflation funds varying state to state, each state has different types of criteria and dates for the payments, and one should look into that to claim their payments.