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Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Loses Alaska House Seat Race To Democrat And Alaska Native Mary Peltola

Mary Peltola gained her place in history as the first-ever native Alaskan to be elected to Congress even as she ousted Sarah Palin. She...
Charlie Crist

Florida Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Charlie Crist Resigns From Congress: Focus Intensifies On The Sunshine...

US Representative Charlie Crist has resigned from his Congress seat a week after winning the Florida gubernatorial primaries. He will be focusing on his...
Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd Felt Like A Suspect In Her Mother’s Suicide Investigation

When the police showed up there and started looking into Naomi Judd's suicide on April 30, Ashley Judd stated she felt "cornered" and "powerless." In...
Stimulus check

New Stimulus Check For Illinois Residents

The Guaranteed Income Pilot Program, a universal basic income initiative initiated by the Illinois city of Evanston in collaboration with Northwestern University, will give...
Stimulus check

$3,200 Stimulus Check For Alaska Residents

The state of Alaska will soon be issuing checks to residents for up to $3,200 as part of the Stimulus Check program. Alaska's stimulus...