Taking Wings: From Dreamer to Global Business Leader, the Journey of S. Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar

Owning a business means taking accountability and putting in a lot of groundwork both mentally and physically. It brings a lot of personality changes, making you think and react differently than you have in the past. 

 Established as a traditional PR agency, PR Solution (PRS) International has transformed into a new age PR agency.   , PR Solution (PRS) International has achieved milestones and is continuing towards their aim. S Vijay Kumar is the quintessence of hard work, dedication and honesty.

 S Vijay Kumar, the founder of PR Solution (PRS) International, says that “Opportunities don’t happen; you create them.” We, at PR Solution, firmly believe in this. Through our hard work, diligence, and strong networking skills, we transform our opportunities into substantial business relationships. But most importantly, we nurture these special relationships. These prized qualities combined with our global vision, is what makes PR Solution an outstanding business enterprise.” ‘My vision is to make press conferences affordable to all existing businesses, startups and entrepreneurs’ 

I feel that my parents have been very inspirational to me. They’ve always encouraged me to follow my dreams. They led me to see competition as a catalyst for hard work that fosters innovation. My parents remind me never to quit in pursuit of my dreams.

S Vijay Kumar, Global CEO, PRS International says “Thirteen  years ago, I embarked on pursuing one of my biggest dreams. Propelled by my passion, no word of caution or advice was enough to prepare or deter me from the journey I was about to begin.

 A good storyline can make or break a brand.

A good storyline can make or break a brand. We’re in this business because we understand the power of well crafted and beautiful storytelling strategies Our goal is to help you tell your brand stories in engaging and emotional ways that captivate your target audience across digital and traditional channels. 


For all our clients, this is our word of the day …everyday. We know that as a brand, one of your key objectives is profitability and you’re always eager to get ROI on your marketing spend. So here’s what we are offering you: whether your marketing objective is creating awareness, encouraging trial and usage or increasing sales, we give solutions that help your brand identity, anticipate and satisfy customer needs profitably.

 His journey and challenges

Talking about the conception of PR Solution (PRS) International, he explained that he was 20 when he founded the company. .

“I started my company from home. I knew it was going to be a challenge but I had the determination to succeed and built multiple successful businesses.   I had no experience and no collateral.  I faced problems in recruitment and I had a huge credibility challenge everywhere” With time, he managed to find the right set of people who helped him to build and scale his business.

At the young age of 20, when most people are still trying to figure out what to do in life, S Vijay Kumar seemed to have had everything figured out.  He has managed to build multiple successful businesses.

Have a mission with your business.

However, he was soon joined by people who trusted his mission and supported and made PR Solution (PRS) International reach the position it is at today. His entrepreneurial journey speaks of innovation and creativity. The focus is on ensuring that marketing and communication campaigns are ROI-centric.

“I want to discover and shape each brand’s unique story and help them share it with the world”.

Give back to the community

Vijay highlighted the fact that he always believed in giving back to communities by investing in them. “Your communities must enjoy the fruit of your prosperity”, he believes.


Finding business opportunities in IT

Our Press Conference portal solution is ideal for organizations that are mature when it comes to adopting technology. The Press Conference Portal has become a game changer. It is enabling adoption of advanced technologies and paving the way for transformation such as we have never seen before

Rapid evolution in high speed internet connectivity and penetration of smart phones among the dynamic and young population has created a fertile ground for new businesses. And for young India, this ecosystem is rife with opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The key is to be smart – keep your resources aligned with your business objectives and make the most of it. Confidence plays a big role in becoming an entrepreneur. The more knowledge and experience you gain in your field of expertise, the more confident you will become.

Entrepreneurship is not a one man’s job. You need to find the right kind of people who believe in you and are willing to work towards your goals and mission. A team is the backbone of an organization. A well-balanced team can bring your business targets within reach. Since building a team will require a lot of time and effort, it is advisable to start building at the beginning of your journey.

Digital was the only channel where I could clearly demonstrate ROI to clients

Operating in a segment where competition is as huge as the market demand, the PRS International CEO says, “The key is to differentiate and add value to the customer. We often compete with larger organizations, but being agile and quick gives us an advantage.  I think the ownership and innovation we bring to projects as a collaborative platform to create value differentiates us.”

PRS International currently works with SMEs, startups and enterprises helping them in press conferences and digital transformation journeys, while steadily moving towards its dream of becoming a billion-dollar company.

Competition is everywhere you look. As entrepreneurs, we have to know and understand our competition so our business stays relevant. But as the driver of the company, we must not get overwhelmed with thoughts of overtaking them. Waking up every day worried about what could happen prevents us from being present in our own business.

As an entrepreneur, our many successes may seem ordinary to us, but extraordinary to others. Keep a journal or memory board of milestones that you have accomplished along the way. When you feel a sense of dread and fear, look at your past wins and remember that if you have done it once, you can do it again. You are the same person who handled all of those tough situations. You have only gotten stronger along the way. You started this business; remember that. You grew this business from nothing because you are resourceful. Tap into your well of resourcefulness, and keep on figuring it out.

Our organization is based on a principle – it is our primary philosophy – our ethos! – That public relations contribute to the upliftment of mankind.

Our vision is to take our philosophy to more people and aim to reach 60 countries by the end of 2020. Thus, becoming the world’s first group to offer a one-stop solution for all press conferences needs.

The vision of leveraging our key philosophy – of comprehensive benefit to society, alongside the integration of our high-quality portfolio – will undoubtedly help in the achievement of success in the future.

Started from scratch and have fought tooth and nail to bring my brainchild into realization. I have left the security and easy comforts behind in order to live my imaginings out every day no matter how steep the compromise.

Without rejection, there can be no growth. Comprehend that your product or service might not be for everyone and that’s okay. Rejection gives you the chance to consider reviewing ways to improve what you have to offer. Don’t take it personally. Anticipate rejection, learn from it and move on.

Every journey is different and so the challenges will also differ. It is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ situation, but the overall mantra should be dedication and passion.

About PR Solution (PRS) International:

PR Solution (PRS) International, one of the world’s leading public relations and press conference solution provider groups. PRS is known for its innovative, creative approaches, public affairs, branding and for its impactful work.

PR Solution has worked with more than 2000+ brands and has expanded a Indian company to 60 countries. From its home base in India, the firm encompasses 25000 employees on five continents and its big corporate clients.